This year Carry on have created a full set of Priscilla Queen of the Desert costumes for amateur dramatics groups, which previewed with BBLOC at The Pavilion, Bournemouth July 2017!

This was a really exciting project for us, and it helps that it’s our favourite show! These iconic costumes with the outrageous silhouettes, crazy head-dresses and massive shoes are right up our street.

We are aware that it isn’t always easy for amateur societies to cast a full drag line up of 6ft, muscly, male dancers so we knew that we would need to adapt designs to fit a range of shapes and sizes. We concentrated on making the costumes as bold and stunning as possible while ensuring that they are easily alterable and hard wearing.

We have loved working alongside the members BBLOC. to workshop these costumes, trying out each cupcake and paintbrush to help the cast move easily. The sheer size and volume of the costumes have the potential to restrict the company, but we worked tirelessly to source lightweight and robust materials to make these extravagant costumes easy to work with.

Check out our gallery to see the costumes during the tech rehearsal – we pride ourself in our “no photoshopping” policy … What you see, really is what you get.

Priscilla Show Costume Hire

For a full costume plot and details of hire charges;
please e-mail or call Kate on 01425 638 984.


Images from our shows