Carry On’s extensive knowledge in materials also help us with other aspects of design, not just in the clothing/costume business.

Our friends at Twins FX design the most fantastic structures – Animals, magic carpets, special effects, human models and the odd giant. The Twins often call on Sue’s fabric expertise to help to finish these products.

Dressing giants is no easy task but with the teams fabric knowledge and acute attention to detail we provided the twins with an outfit for Norman the giant.  Norman is 12 meters high when standing and is fully animatronic.

We’ve worked on Bruce the shark and a life size T-Rex too! As well as covering a 15ft Gorilla in fur. These projects require a great knowledge of fabrics and pattern cutting to ensure these animatronic giants have full movement after treatment and painting.

We also help the twins “dress” their illusions, creating beautiful, bright and sparkly magic carpets for Aladdin to ride on, as well as various other magic tricks.

Images from our shows